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Kanji for Higher vibration

A buzz phrase of Reiki

I was asked a question about this term. I knew nothing about Reiki, so I studied about it , and I could grasp the concept of Reiki in a vague sense. I have once produced an ESP program with Masuaki Kiyota, a famous person for his supernatural power in Japan, and I saw many clear-cut miracles with my own eyes. So I am a beliver in some amazing powers of human being, but I can’t confirm the reality of Reiki yet. To be honest, I am very concerned about “Tenki (weather)” today rather than “Reiki” for now. Thank you.

Japanese kanji symbols for Higher vibration

English meaning : Higher vibration
Japanese reading : koh ji-gen ha-doh
Script : kanji
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Home > Buzz & Humor > Kanji for Higher vibration

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